Wednesday, 5 October 2023, 5 – 9 pm

Central Hall Westminster, London SW1H 9NH

Indonesian Night is the culminating event of the Experience Indonesia series, convened by the Indonesian Embassy in London, presented in the form of Indonesian cultural art performances. It features performances from traditional communities and prominent Indonesian musicians, courtesy of Paguyuban Citra, Lila Bhawa, Lila Cita, and an Indonesian singer.

Indonesian Night will deliver stories for you to truly Experience Indonesia.





17:00 – 18:30 hrs

Bank of Indonesia Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Product Showcase & Marketplace





Event to begin at 18:30 hrs – no intermission



Observance of “God Save the King” followed by “Indonesia Raya”


TARI SEKAR JEPUN – Lila Bhawa and Lila Cita 

Tari Sekar Jepun is an iconic dance from Badung Regency, Bali, celebrating the enchanting beauty of the fragrant Jepun (frangipani) flower and Bali’s vibrant cultural tapestry. Choreographed by Ida Ayu Wimba Ruspawati with music composed by I Wayan Widia.


TARI MERAK – Lila Bhawa and Lila Cita 

Tari Merak, originating from Bandung, West Java, was crafted for the 1955 Asian-African Conference. Inspired by the graceful movements of the peacock, this dance, created by Raden Tjetje Soemantri and refined by Irawati Durban, portrays the bird’s majestic beauty and captivating allure, often performed in glamorous, aesthetic attire.


Paguyuban Citra

Performances by Lea Simanjuntak



Showcasing Indonesian traditional clothing exclusively curated from small, medium enterprises under the auspices of the Central Bank of Indonesia.


TARI CENDERAWASIH – Lila Bhawa and Lila Cita 

Tari Cenderawasih, crafted by N. L. N. Swasthi Wijaya Bandem, portrays the life of the Cenderawasih bird (bird-of-paradise) during mating season in the mountains of Papua. Featuring dynamic movements distinct from other Balinese dances, it offers a sense of liberation each time the dance is performed.


TARI TOPENG TUA – Banjar Bali and Lila Cita 

Tari Topeng Tua is a dance performed by a male dancer portraying an elderly man reminiscing on his youth’s regrets. Dressed in a black costume with colorful beads and a ylang-ylang wood mask, the dancer conveys deep emotions fitting the mask’s aged visage.



Tujuh Belas (Seventeen) is celebrating the freedom of teenage years, this song is a reminder that no matter our journey for happiness, half our struggles are already behind us.



Jangan Cintai Aku Apa Adanya (Do Not Love Me As I Am) is about pushing each other towards a brighter tomorrow, much like the wind pushing away clouds. Supporting one another in life as roots fortify a tree, especially in a vast world where it’s easy to lose one’s way.



Monokrom (Monochrome). A nostalgic reflection on homeland and childhood, acknowledging the encounters and partings life brings, with gratitude for those shaping our universe.



Interaksi (Interaction): Life’s mysteries revolve around the profound impact of encounters on our future.

Jatuh Suka (Falling in Love): The emotional journey of a lonely soul believing it’s found its other half.

Teman Hidup (Life Companion): Facing the world together, transforming sorrows and celebrating love.


SEPATU – Tulus

Sepatu (Shoes). A pair of shoes serves as an analogy for two individuals. They function best together yet have no control over their movements and where they rest.



Hati-Hati di Jalan (Take Care on the Road) is about tamarind plants in the mountains that encounter the salt of the sea. It mirrors an Indonesian proverb symbolizing a match made by fate. However, in this song, ultimately they part ways, graciously continuing their individual journeys.



‘Zamrud Khatulistiwa’ (Emerald of the Equator), composed by Guruh Soekarno Putra, is a song of gratitude, celebrating Indonesia’s beauty, wealth, and diversity.




Performances to end by 20:45 hrs




Paguyuban Citra is a community dedicated to the preservation of traditional arts and cultures of lndonesia through music and dances, supported by distinguished Indonesian figures, including Gen. Agum Gumilar and Mrs. Linda Agum Gumelar. Paguyuban Citra is represented at Indonesian Night by acclaimed gospel singer Lea Simanjuntak, renowned art director and choreographer Ari Wisaksono (Ari Tulang), and experienced music director and composer Trias Anugrah.

TULUS as a singer and a songwriter, actively releases his own music. He embarked into his musical journey in September 2011. For the past 12 years, he has officially released 5 albums and received more than 80 awards for music and cinematography. TULUS has actively initiated 2 independent campaigns which he co-founded for social purposes, namely ‘Teman Gajah’ for Sumatran elephant conservation and ‘Bantu Guru Belajar Lagi’ for campaigns in Indonesian education advancement.

Ari Tulang is an Indonesian choreographer, director, and entertainer with a career spanning decades in the performing arts industry.

Lea is an Indonesian gospel singer. Have performed with well-respected musicians including David Foster.

Art Director

Trias Anugerah

Trias Anugrah is a pianist, arranger, composer and music director, with years of experience under his belt representing Indonesian music in international events.


Lila Bhawa is a London-based Indonesian dance group, specialising in traditional dances from Bali and Java. The group was set up by Ni Made Pujawati in 2002 and includes a number of experienced performers, together with younger dancers who started learning in the UK.


Gamelan Lila Cita was founded in March 1992 by Andy Channing. Many of the members have studied in Bali and it is the only group in Britain that regularly performs a wide range of traditional and contemporary Balinese music. The group has performed throughout the UK and abroad, including performances at Fondacion la Caixa in Barcelona, St James’ Palace, Royal Opera House, Munich Stadtmuseum and Glastonbury Festival.

Banjar Bali Ring UK


Banjar Bali Ring UK, established in 2019, is a community of 63 families in the UK who share familial and emotional ties to Bali. The community aims to preserve and promote Balinese culture.